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Carter Press specializes in the publishing of high-quality books for established and first-time authors. Our custom book publishing services fit a variety of genres, budgets, preferences, and publishing timeless. We are dedicated to providing authors with the best self-publishing experience by offering a broad range of services and tools designed to actualize every author’s unique creative vision.

Our experts can handle all of the book publishing details for you. We will transform your finished book into a published paperback, hardcover, eBook, and/or audiobook. Whether your manuscript is a children’s book, novel, fiction or nonfiction, magazine, or science fiction, we can help you. We’ve produced numerous books for authors of every genre.

Our book publishing services include: 



 Personalize Cover Design

Customize Interior Layout

 1 Author’s Copy

 5 free books

 One slot for book of the month

 One month Social Media Campaign

Book Video w/o Voice Over

Basic Program 


Advance Program 


Elite Program 


Pro Elite Program