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Company Story

Carter Press is an independent book publishing and marketing company, established in New Jersey, USA. It debuts as a book selling agent for established authors and new authors at the same time. We started the last quarter of 2018 as a group of literary agents helping authors publish, market, promote, and sell their books in the most effective and inexpensive way possible.

We exist to provide leverage for authors. Not just to even the playing field but also to provide a straight-forward approach to establishing a successful writing career.

Our authors are mostly self-published or those who seek assistance in working on their book projects in the most effective manner. We provide a top-performing book designing team, as well as editing and marketing professionals who are focused on giving better results to authors.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the most reliable and trusted partner for authors, for all genres, in the book publishing and marketing industry. We bring together the most talented and professional team members who dedicate themselves to providing our clients with the highest quality book publishing and marketing services, creative design, and customer service.

Vision Statement

To be the leading book management team globally. We strive to foster a universal passion for reading by partnering with authors who create stories that inspire and entertain readers everywhere.

Find Out How You Can Benefit

Find out what makes Carter Press stand out from the rest today. Contact us for all of your publishing, editing, and marketing needs. We are also open to answering any inquiries that you may have about our company.